Valentine’s To Hold On To


February 14 is just round the corner and before we know it, the chocolates, flowers and cards will be at every corner. So how about doing something different and designing a customised phone case for that special someone?

Valentine’s Day. It seems harmless enough but fail here and the next month may not go well for you. Are you romantic? Is a card enough? Does it show passion and effort? Are you going to splurge on last-minute gifts – perhaps to make up for the lack of thought! The more of your heart you put in, the more you get out. Anyone can sign a card someone else eloquently wrote, but only you can give a gift that truly means something.

Let Case Station be your Valentine inspiration. Continue reading and you will find some great ideas you can customise for your Valentine. A personalised phone case won’t end up in the recycling bin like that store-bought Valentine you have been considering. It will end up on the one thing they takes everywhere…their smartphone. They will quite literally carry your Valentine, in turn, their love for you, every single place they travel. Everyone deserves a special Valentine. Make one for a partner, best friend, spouse, boyfriend, grandparent, girlfriend, parent…or anyone you feel lucky to have in your life!


Will You Be Mine


Remember the days of passing notes in class? Tightly folded pieces of paper you were meant to “check the box” with your answer. Make one for your sweetheart with three easy steps.

1) Write down your question and the boxes to check. (For example: Will you be mine? or Will you be my Valentine?)

2) Fold the paper. Then open the paper. Photograph or scan the sheet.

3) Go to, pick your device, pick a case and add your ‘Pass A Note’ image to the case.

(Don’t forget to give him/her a Sharpie to check the box:)

Check out the “How To” video here.




Valentines Collage


Your phone carries on it the digital imprints of your story—your life together. Make a beautiful collage with the best of the best.

1) Go to, pick your device, pick a case and upload your images one at a time.

2) As they upload, place each image. Scale and move to desired location.

3) Use the TEXT tool to add some copy, for example: “Our Story,” “Love Story” or “Our Life in Pictures”

Check out the “How To” video here.





Better Half 01


This Valentine gets you a case and your love a case. Imagine a puzzle, the pieces fit together to make a picture. That’s the direction we are headed. Find or take a picture of the two of you holding hands and get started.

1) Go to, pick your device, pick a case and choose IMAGES.

2) Next, put half of the picture on one case, split at the hands. Then, add to cart.

3) Finally, make the second case with the other half of the picture.

Each gets the case with their Valentine’s hand on it. Super cute!

Check out the “How To” video here.




Love Letter


If there is ever a day to be a little mushy, it is Valentine’s Day. Somewhere packed away you have the letters you once wrote each other. If you never have written a love letter-get writing. This is one romantic case.

1) Dig up the love letter you treasure most. If you don’t have one, write one.

2) Photograph or scan the letter.

3) Go to, pick your device, pick a case and choose Art Collection. Then, find the perfect design in the “Be My Valentine” folder.

4) Next, upload your ‘Love Letter’ image to the case. It’s ok if it comes off the edges, you can even turn it a bit to make it more interesting. Now your Valentine can carry your words with them always.

Check out the “How To” video here.



Choose the idea that best defines your Valentine, head to and get creating. Your custom case will come beautifully boxed for gifting.


Now, to make this interesting…

We want to see some of the romantic ideas you come up with for your Valentine case. Show us the CUTEST COUPLE PHOTO case you have or create a design where you PROPOSE MARRIAGE. Simply screenshot and post your proposal design, cute couple photo or Valentine themed case on Facebook or Twitter…or both, and tag us @casestationcafe and #loveyourcustomcase. We will private message you a promo code to make a FREE Valentine case as our gift to you. (Offer ends Feb. 14, 2016. Ts & Cs Apply)

Make a case for romance.



Terms & Conditions

The offer is valid until February 14, 2016.

Customers need to visit and design their Valentine themed case. They must then post a screenshot of the Valentine themed case design on Facebook and/or Twitter using @casestationcafe and #loveyourcase. Failure to include the correct tags will result in Case Station being unable to gift a free case.

Once verified, Case Station will private message you a promo code to make a FREE Valentine case as our gift to you. 

This offer is subject to change without prior notice. One case per customer. Promo code will no longer be active after Feb. 14, 2016.

Direct questions to:  [email protected]